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Q. Two "wait-until-next-ms" functions are placed inside a while loop, with 'Zero' wired to them both. What actually happens?
  1. LabVIEW compiler optimizes & removes them both and the loop runs at maximum processor frequency

  2. Compiler removes one of them and runs the code at Maximum processor frequency

  3. Both execute one after the other and the loop speed will be controlled by CPU

  4. Only one of them execute and the loop speed is controlled by OS

Q. Based on your understanding, which of the below categories best defines the nature of CynLr's business?
  1. CynLr is a Robotic Arm company, which builds advanced AI and ML along with the robotic arms to be more versatile

  2. CynLr is a Product company that builds Vision/Imaging platform and ML software to make Robotic Arms to be more dynamic.

  3. CynLr does System Integration using 3D and Machine Learning algorithms to automate 3D bin Picking problems.

  4. CynLr is a SW product company, that uses Off-the-Shelf Vision & Robot HW to solve 3D bin Picking Problems

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