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Question 1:
The IT administrator of a small start-up requests the procurement department for procuring a high-resolution camera required to be used in photography of an upcoming expo. How would you categorize and account for such a purchase.


Purchase the camera and account as an IT inventory (current assets), as the product is an IT product


Purchase the camera and account as a Branding inventory (current assets), as it is procured for immediate branding activities


Purchase the camera and account as an IT Inventory (current assess), subsequently ask IT to issue the asset to Branding cost centre 


Purchase the camera and expense the same under Branding cost centre, as this is being procured for an immediate one-time use


Suggest IT to rent the camera instead as the need is currently pertaining to just the expo. Expense the rental under Branding cost centre.

Answer 1.1:
Answer 1.2:

Question 2:
An international USD payment needs to be made towards a business consulting service procured monthly. Due to some banking issues, last 3 payments have been missed. The correct course of action would be:
Answer 2.1:
Answer 2.2:

Question 3:
In a scenario where 20% advance payment is to be done on an electronic chip design and manufacturing service availed, which of the following is applicable while making the payment?
Answer 3.1:
Answer 3.2:

And finally, the deal makers / breakers ☻....