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Question 1
The company is in an urgent need for a crucial role and a meeting is gathered with the founders and the concerned team members which includes you as a secretary to the founders' office to shadow the meeting. Few suggestions were arrived at the meeting on how crucial the role is, yet how rare the talent is to figure out, especially since the given role is very unique and even if we find a resource it would incur a heavy investment in getting them aligned to the organization. It has been decided that the team shall start an active lookout for the role and a referral fee will be announced to fill the role. Simultaneously, you are aware of a colleague at the company who may be interested in a similar role. You would.. 
  1. Inform the colleague about the role and the seriousness with which its being sought and ask to apply. This saves the company a lot of effort. 

  2. Inform the team about the interactions you have had with this colleague. As they are already part of the organization, they can align much faster. 

  3. Inform the team about the colleague and inform the colleague about the opening, so that both are better prepared to meet each other’s requirement. 

  4. Based on the context, I’d leave it to the team’s discretion and not involve myself unless and until, I’m explicitly asked by the team to recommend.  
Question 2
At CynLr, we prefer to use Teams for all our video calls as Teams is more convenient for us to do our presentations online. But the investors/customers prefer to use Zoom because they are much more familiar with Zoom. How will you convince them to do the meeting on the Teams link that we send?  
Question 3
In this job you would work very closely with the founders, how do you imagine to make the founder’s life easier? In your experience, what do you think a typical day in this job would look like?